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Industry Nine Torch Enduro 26", 29er & 650b Wheelsets

Richards Bicycles is proud to introduce the newest innovation from Industry Nine, the Torch Enduro series wheelsets.  New for the 2013 biking season, Industry Nine has redesigned all of their wheelsets from the ground up, to be lighter, faster, laterally stiffer, quieter and more durable than ever before!  Available in 26", 27.5" (650B) & 29", Torch Enduro wheelsets are designed for advanced all mountain bikers who want to take their bike where they've never gone before!  Torch Enduro wheels are intended for All Mountain style riding, riders who want a lightweight, yet super durable aggressive wheelset that can take on almost any type of terrain you have in front of you!

Industry Nine Torch Enduro Wheels
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Industry Nine Torch Enduo Features:

  • Industry Nine Exclusive profiles – Designed by Industry Nine to offer class leading performance
  • Reduced weight – Up to 100 gram weight savings (per rim) when compared to 2012 rim options
  • Industry Nine Torch Rims - Engineered by Industry Nine, Torch rims are designed to be lighter, wider, stiffer and more durable than Stan's rims.  For all you Stan's fan's, don't worry..... we still offer the options to use Stan's rims on all of our 32 hole wheels if this is your preference.
  • Increased width – All Torch series rims will feature wider outer and inner rim widths.  Torch Enduro rims feature widths of 26.0mm inner, 30.5mm outer
  • Tubeless compatible – rims feature a tubeless ready profile
  • Exceptional stiffness/weight ratio – Rims feature oversized extrusions that are wider and deeper than traditional rims, to offer improved stiffness and better control.

Industry Nine Torch Spokes:

  • Increased spoke diameters – Offering improved lateral stiffness, more durable
  • Butted spokes – Driveside spokes are thicker near the hub. Reduces the risk of spoke damage due to overshifting, improves lateral stiffness
  • Finer thread pitch – Makes the wheels easier to true. Reduces the risk of spokes losing tension over time
  • Torx fitting – T8 torx fitting on the end of spokes, and makes spoke removal much easier in the rare event that a spoke breaks at the threads

Industry Nine Torch Hubs:

  • Tangential spoke lacing – Torch wheels feature a spoke flanges which orient the spokes approximately 90 degrees from the hub flange. This increases wheel and spoke durability since hub torque is applied in line with the spoke - removing the spoke threads from the shear plane and reducing spoke fatigue. Since the spokes are directly opposing one another it also removes outward stress from the hub shell for increase hub durability and improved control of bearing press tolerances
  • Finer thread pitch flanges – the hubs utilize a finer thread pitch, which makes the wheels easier to true and reduces the risk of tension loss

Industry Nine Torch Enduro Wheelsets