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Chris King ISO Disc Hubs

Chris King is legendary in the mountain biking industry for their high performance ISO disc mountain bike hubs.  Chris King ISO disc hubs are the crème of the crop, the pinnacle of what it means to produce a quality high engagement lightweight hubs with the versatility for nearly any mountain biking application. 

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The Chris King Difference:

  • Chris King ISO Disc Hubs are built upon a bulletproof proven that has over a decade of use by hardcore bikers
  • High Engagement:  Chris King hubs are designed for with ultra snappy performance in mind, featuring 72 pts of engagement, meaning that the pawls engage 72 times for every single revolution of your wheel.  This translates into your Chris King rear hub engaging every 5 deg of wheel turn, meaning that when you stomp on your cranks..... you're instantly engaged!
  • Quality doesn't compromise weight: Chris King ISO Disc hubs are not only built to last through years of abuse, they're built to win races.  Considering the high tolerances and high engagement, Chris King ISO hubs are incredibly lightweight.
  • Axel Configuration:  Chris King hubs can not only be purchased in any axel configuration imaginable, but their axels can be interchanged with other sizes if the need arises. 
  • Color Options:  As can be see by the color pallet to the right, Chris King ISO Disc hubs are available in 10 color options.
  • Build Your Wheelset:  If you're interested in building up your Chris King hubs, check out our Chris King Custom Wheelset Builder, where you can customize your wheel build and our professional wheel builder can custom lace them for you.


Chris King ISO Disc Hubs