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Bicycle Trade-In / Upgrade Program

Used Bike Trade InAre you looking to save some money on your next bicycle purchase?  If so, then you've found the right place to shop at.  Richards Bicycles now accepts used bicycle trade-in's when purchasing a new bicycle.  With the trade of your used bicycle, Richards Bicycles will deduct 10% off of the retail price of your new bicycle.  Please see program details below:




• Your trade-in bicycle must be one from a bike shop.  We do not accept trades of bikes sold in department stores such as Walmart, Kmart, Toys R' Us, ect.....
• Your trade-in bicycle must be in fully functional working condition.  We do not accept trades of bikes that are in poor condition or do not work
• If your bicycle meets the above criteria, Richards Bicycles may accept your bike as a trade-in.
• Our 10% discount is generally excluded from sales and closeout items.  If you are interested in trading for a sale or closeout bike, please inquire with your sales associate weather or not the 10% discount would apply
• Richards Bicycles reserves the right to refuse any bike as a trade-in.  Simply put, the majority of bikes will be accepted as a trade if they meet the above criteria; however Richards Bicycles may refuse the trade of any bike for any reason