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Custom Bicycle Wheelset Builder - Choose Your Brand Below

Custom Hand Built Bicycle Wheels & Wheelsets

Are you looking for a top of the line, hand built wheelset, built by a master wheelsmith with decades of experience?  Do you want a wheelset where attention to detail and quality is never overlooked?  Then look no further, as our wheelsmith has 25+ years of experience!  Located in the south suburbs of Chicago in Palos Heights, IL, we're proud to offer some of the best hand-build custom wheelsets in the bicycling industry, including Industry Nine, Chris King, Hope, DT Swiss, American Classic & Hadley!  Weather it be a wheelset for your Mountain Bike, Road Bike or Cyclocross Bike, Richards Bicycles has the skills, knowledge and decades of experience to custom build whatever wheelset you can come up with! 

Looking for a Lefty Wheelset?  Single Speed Wheelset?  SRAM XX1 Compatible Wheelset?  See our Specialty Wheelsets section below!

ALL Wheelsets With Stans Rims Now Available In Red, Blue, Gold & Green!!!

Stan's Crest, Arch EX & Flow EX rims are available in red, blue, gold & green colors

Here at Richards Bicycles, we we can build nearly any 26" wheelset, 29er wheelset or 650b wheelset that you can imagine.  Although we can literally build any wheelset imaginable, we do however specialize in a few specific brands such as Industry Nine / I9, Chris King, Hadley Racing, Hope Pro II, DT Swiss, American Classic, Shimano, SRAM, Mavic & Stans.  If there's a wheel or wheelset that you're looking for; however you don't don't see it in our wheel builder program, please do not hesitate to call us at 708-448-8260 or e-mail us at and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have as well as give you pricing and availability.

Our Wheel Building Process

All of our wheelsets are build in house by our wheelsmith, Mike B.  Mike has over 25 years of experience hand building some of the finest high end custom wheelsets on the market.  We can say with confidence that Mike has more experience building top of the line wheels than almost any other person in the industry, and we guarantee our wheel builds to be the best that you can find. When building your wheelset, Mike individually prep's (spoke tite) & tensions each spoke individually by hand, thus ensuring a wheelset that remains strong & true for many years to come.  It's a time consuming process that most other wheel builders tend to avoid doing, but it's worth it in the long run as a properly built & tensioned wheel will remain true for much longer than a wheel that was not built with so much additional care.

We Ship Worldwide

Not located in or near our store?  That's fine!  We ship our wheelsets all over the world.  In fact, 90% of our custom built wheelsets are shipped, many of which end up in CA, AZ, CO, NC & other States that have some of the best riding around.  When shipping, we use our own custom wheel box with custom inserts to hold your wheels in place so they don't move around during shipping.  On top of that, each wheel is shrunk wrapped to give to ultimate level of protection during shipping.

Industry Nine Torch Classic Custom Wheel Builder
Industry Nine Hydra Classic Disc Custom Wheelset Builder

Industry Nine Torch Trail & Torch Trail 24 Wheels
Industry Nine Torch Trail & Torch Trail 24 Wheelset Builder

Industry Nine Torch Wheelset
Industry Nine Torch Ultralight & Torch Ultralight 24 Wheelset Builder

Industry Nine Torch Wheelset
Industry Nine Torch Enduro Wheelset Builder

Industry Nine Torch Wheelset
Industry Nine Torch Gravity Wheelset Builder

Chris King ISO Disc Custom Wheel Builder
Chris King Custom Wheelset Builder

Industry Nine Torch Trail Demo Program
Demo A Industry Nine Torch Trail or Torch Trail 24 Wheelset Here!

Hope Pro II Custom Wheel Builder
Hope Pro II Custom Wheelset Builder

Hadley Custom Wheel Builder
Hadley Racing Custom Wheelset Builder

Project 321 Custom Wheelset Builder
DT Swiss 240s Custom Wheel Builder
DT Swiss 240s Custom Wheelset Builder

DT Swiss 305 Custom Wheel Builder
DT Swiss 350 Custom Wheelset Builder

American Classic Custom Wheels & Wheelsets
American Classic Custom Wheel Builder

Phil Wood Custom Wheels & Wheelsets
Phil Wood Custom Wheel Builder

Shimano XT Custom Wheels & Wheelsets
Shimano XT Custom Wheel Builder

Shimano SLX Custom Wheels & Wheelsets
Shimano SLX Custom Wheel Builder

Shimano XTR Custom Wheels & Wheelsets
Shimano XTR Custom Wheel Builder
Shimano Saint Custom Wheels & Wheelsets
Shimano Saint Custom Wheel Builder
SRAM X.9 Custom Wheels & Wheelsets
SRAM X.9 Custom Wheel Builder
Mavic Wheels & Wheelsets
Mavic Wheels & Wheelsets
Stan's Crest, Arch EX & Flow EX 3.30 Wheels & Wheelsets
Stan's Crest, Arch EX & Flow EX 3.30 Wheels & Wheelsets

Lefty Wheelset
Lefty Custom Wheelset Builder

Single Speed Wheelset
Single Speed Custom Wheelset Builder

SRAM XX1 Wheelset
SRAM XX1 11 Speed
Compatible Custom Wheelset Builder

Stock Wheels & Wheelsets
Non-Custom Stock Wheelsets