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Single Speed Mountain Bike Wheels, Wheelsets & Accessories

$669.99 - $2,099.94
Hope Pro 4 Evo Hubs If you're in the market for a high end custom wheelset with a wide array of color options like Chris King, Industry Nine & Hadley, but at a much more affordable price, then look no further than the Hope Pro 4 Evo hubs to built your wheelset with. Hope combines affordability dependability in all of their hubs. Although not as fast of engagement as their high competitors, Hope Pro 4 Evo hubs are certainly just as durable and considerably less expensive. Each hub is built by hand in the UK. Custom Hand Built Wheelsets Richards Bicycles builds some of the best hand built wheelsets in the bicycling market. Each wheel or wheelset that we sell is hand built by our professional wheel builder, who has been building wheels with us for over 25 years. He has more experience building top of the line wheels than almost any other person in the industry, and we guarantee our wheel builds to be the best that you can find. When your wheelset is built, each spoke is individually prepped using spoke-tite and tensioned by hand, ensuring a wheelset that remains strong & true for many years to come. Many other wheel builders do not go to such lengths to ensure a perfect wheel build. Together, our team has over 120 combined years of experience with bicycles and we stand by every product we sell. Shipping & Build Time Because all of our Chris King, Industry Nine, Hadley & Hope wheelsets are all hand built in house as they're ordered, wheels are generally built within 1 week and shipped immediately after. Generally speaking, most customers receive their wheelsets within 2 weeks of ordering their wheels; however in some instances certain color / sizes hubs may not always be immediately available which could add to shipping time. If there is going to be any added delay because of product availabity, we'll let you know immediately. Thanks for your patience and cooperation!
$959.99 - $2,603.94
DT Swiss 240s Custom Wheelsets When you hear DT Swiss, the first word that usually comes to mind is quality, and for good reason. DT Swiss 240s hubs are not only incredibly durable, but they're also one of the lightest mountain bike hubs on the market. DT Swiss 240s hubs are the creme of the crop, so if you're looking for a top of the light, high quality wheelset that's going to last for years on end, have our custom wheelsmith build your next wheelset and we guarantee you'll be impressed!
$1,029.99 - $1,734.94
Phil Wood Custom Wheelsets Phil Wood hubs are known througout the bicycling industry for their ledgendary lightweight, unique durable design. Designed around a proven platform, Phil Wood hubs can make any wheelset a great wheelsets. Build your new Phil Wood wheelset today using our custom wheel builder, and you'll be impressed!
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