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Chris King ISO Disc Custom 26", 29er & 650b Wheelset Builder

Chris King Wheelsets - Custom Built The Way You Want!

Chris King Custom Built Wheelsets:
  Here at Richards Bicycles, we specialize in top of the line custom wheels & wheelsets.  Weather you're looking for a Chris King 29er wheelset, 26" wheelset or even a Chris King 650b wheelset, Richards Bicycles and built your wheels!    Come up with any option and we can handle the task!  Please feel free to use our Chris King wheelset builder below and start building your wheels today!

Build Your Custom Chris King ISO Disc Wheelset

Chris King Custom Wheelset Builder

Chris King ISO Disc Hubs:
Chris King is no doubt the bike industries leader when it comes to designing the best hubs on the market.  Known for building hubs with legendary performance and durability, all done without compromising weight, Chris King ISO Disc hubs are as good as it gets!  Available in a variety of color options and axel configurations, Chris King has the right hub for you!

  • Proven Design - Chris King ISO Disc hubs have been around for years & years, with no major re-designs, because they were designed right the first time!
  • 5 Year Chris King Warranty on hubs!
  • Available in 10 colors - More than anyone else in the industry!
  • Front & Rear hubs are available in every imaginable axel configuration!
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to maintain.
  • 72 point engagement means that the pawls in the rear hub engage 72 times per revolution of your wheel, or every 5°.  With engagement like this, there's absolutely no slop between your pedals and hub engagement, which results in ultra-fast hub response once you stomp on your pedals.  No more moving your pedals 2-3 inches before you feel your drivetrain engage.

About Our Wheel Builder:
If there's anything we can say about Mike, our wheel builder, it's that he knows what he's doing!  With over 25 years experience in the bicycle industry building building & truing wheelsets, Mike is certainly the guy to goto if you want a top of the line wheelset built by hand with quality being the main goal.  Mike is known for building some of the best wheelsets around, and he takes his time and pays attention to every detail when building your wheelset.  Unlike other shops, we have one, and only one guy who builds our wheels, and Mike is our man!

About Our Wheel Building Process:
When building a wheelset, Mike pays attention to every detail, to make sure that nothing is missed and the end result is a perfectly true wheel that will remain true for as long as you can imagine. 
When Mike builds your wheels, Mike individually preps (using Spoke Tite) and tensions each spoke by hand.  Spoke Tite ensures that your spoke never wiggles itself loose, and individual hand tensioning ensures that your wheels stay true!  When a wheel is properly tensioned, each spoke has the same level of tension, ensuring that no spokes are doing more work than others.  Many other wheel builders do not go to such lengths to ensure a perfect wheel build.  Together, our team has over 120 combined years of experience with bicycles and we stand by every product we sell! 


Chris King Blue ISO Disc Custom Wheelset

Chris King Blue & Gold ISO Disc Hubs

Chris King Mango ISO Disc Custom Wheelset

Chris King Red ISO Disc Custom Wheelset