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Built with precision design, Niner continues to dominate the 29er mountain biking market year after year with their wide ranging selection of 29" full suspension and hardtail complete bikes and frames.  Simply said, if you're in the market for a 29er, Niner has a bike that can suite just about anyone.  In fact, Niner has the largest selection of custom 29er mountain bikes and frames in the bicycling industry.  We not only sell all Niner custom mountain bike frames and stock build kits; but because we truly appreciate the "custom nature" of Niner brand, we've designed a custom bicycle builder for each Niner model that we carry.  Simply pick and choose each component of your bicycle individually and our bike builder will do the math for you.  This is great for the type of rider who really wants to build his / her custom dream bike!  

Founded by Chris Sugai and Steve Domahidy, Niner Bikes carries the most extensive line of custom 29er mountain bike frames in the industry.  Known for offering a wide array of 29er frames and complete bikes, as well as for their unique custom frame designs, Niner excels in every category that they compete in.  From the full suspension Niner WFO with its burly 5.5" of CVA rear suspension to the Niner JET 9 RDO Carbon race bike with 100mm of patented CVA rear suspension, Niner has the best selection of full suspension mountain bikes. 

That's not all!  Niner takes things a step further by offering a wide selection of hardtail 29" mountain bikes.  For the everyday rider, take a look at Niner AIR 9 hardtail, or for riders who want the lightest 29er hardtail on the market, maybe take a look at the Niner AIR 9 Carbon or the AIR 9 RDO Carbon races bikes and frames.  Both models feature incredibly lightweight frames, and coupled with a Shimano XTR or SRAM XX build kit, you're sure to have the best race hardtail on the trail! 

Stop by Richards Bikes today and take a look at our complete 29er lineup.  If you're not local, free to call us at 708-448-8260 or e-mail us at and we can discuss the right Niner for you and ship one to your front door!

Niner's YAWYD (You Are What You Drink) Top Cap gives you a little extra motivation to reach the top of that long fire road climb. The patented design lets you affix a bottle cap from your favorite beverage for just a little extra attitude on your trusty rig.
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