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Industry Nine Hydra Classic Disc Wheelsets - Built The Way You Want!

Are you looking for a hand built, top of the line I9 wheelset, built to your own custom specifications?  Looking to have this wheelset built by a pro who's got decades of experience and a reputation for building some of the finest wheelsets around?  If so, then you've certainly come to the right place.  Richards Bicycles is an industry leader when it comes to building high end, top of the line hand built wheelsets.  If you've got a wheel, or wheelset that you want built, Richards Bicycles can build it for you!  Come up with any option and we can handle the task, weather it be an Industry Nine 29er wheelset, 650b wheelset or 26" wheelset!  Please feel free to use our Industry Nine Hydra Classic wheelset builder below and start building your wheels today!

Industry Nine Hydra Classic Mountain Disc Hubs:

Industry Nine recently redesigned their Classic Disc hubs, which took us by surprise.  Industry Nine hubs were already our best selling hubset, but I9 went the extra mile and made their Classic Disc hubs even better, renaming them Hydra Classic Disc, their 2nd generation classic disc hubset that's compatible with standard J-Bend spokes.  The new Hydra Classic Hubs are lighter (by 100-150g for a hubset), quieter and even more durable than the legacy Classic Disc hubs.  Industry Nine hubs are certainly among the best in the industry.  They offer 3 degrees of rear hub engagement, making them the highest engaging hub in the industry.  All I9 hubs are CNC machined to extremely precise high tolerances, resulting a hubs that are absolutely bulletproof in terms of durability.  With Industry Nine Hydra hubs, you won't sacrifice quality & durability for a lightweight design that functions properly.  They're properly engineered, to work, and work better than any other hub on the market!  If you're looking for a versatile, easy to maintain, lightweight, quick engaging wheelset, then you've made a smart decision by choosing Industry Nine for your hubs!

  • Superior Design - Industry Nine hubs are extremely durable.  They can handle any type of extreme riding you throw at them!
  • 3 Year Industry Nine Warranty on hubs!
  • Available in 10 colors - More than anyone else in the industry!
  • Front & Rear hubs are available in every imaginable axel configuration, and they're extremely easy to swap out!
  • Extremely lightweight, durable and easy to maintain.
  • I9 Torch Hydra Classic hubs have a industry topping 690 points of engagement, which means that the pawls in the rear hub engage a whopping 690 times per 1 revolution of your wheel, or every 0.52°, which is the best in the bicycling industry.  With engagement like this, there's absolutely no slop between your pedals and hub engagement, which results in ultra-fast hub response once you stomp on your pedals.  No more moving your pedals 2-3 inches before you feel your drivetrain engage.
  • Easy to Maintain:  I9 hubs are known for their ease of use and ease of maintenance.  No special tools are needed to work on these work on your hubs.  They come apart & go back together as easy as 1,2,3!
  • Performance:  Combined with their lightweight design and their superior level of hub engagement, Industry Nine wheelsets are built to perform.  These wheels are snappy & roll super fast!
  • Ceramic Bearings:  Ceramic bearings are not standard on Industry Nine hubs; however if you're looking to build a wheelset with as little resistance as possible, ceramic bearings are an option you can choose from.  Unlike steel ball bearings that heat up & expand on long rides, ceramic bearings do not expand at all, thus giving you less rolling resistance.  It's not an option that every rider needs or wants, but it's nice to know it's available.  Buy your Industry Nine wheelset today!

About Our Wheel Builder:

If there's anything we can say about Mike, our wheel builder, it's that he knows what he's doing!  With over 25 years experience in the bicycle industry building building & truing wheelsets, Mike is certainly the guy to goto if you want a top of the line wheelset built by hand with quality being the main goal.  Mike is known for building some of the best wheelsets around, and he takes his time and pays attention to every detail when building your wheelset.  Unlike other shops, we have one, and only one guy who builds our wheels, and Mike is our man!

About Our Wheel Building Process:

When building a wheelset, Mike pays attention to every detail, to make sure that nothing is missed and the end result is a perfectly true wheel that will remain true for as long as you can imagine.  When Mike builds your wheels, Mike individually preps (using Spoke Tite) and tensions each spoke by hand.  Spoke Tite ensures that your spoke never wiggles itself loose, and individual hand tensioning ensures that your wheels stay true!  When a wheel is properly tensioned, each spoke has the same level of tension, ensuring that no spokes are doing more work than others.  Many other wheel builders do not go to such lengths to ensure a perfect wheel build.  Together, our team has over 120 combined years of experience with bicycles and we stand by every product we sell!