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Hadley Disc Rear Hub

Hadley Disc Rear Hub
$329.99 - $369.99
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Hadley Disc Rear Hubs: If you're looking for a top of the line rear hub with a super precise level of pawl engagement, then look no further than Hadley for your next rear hub. All of our Hadley rear hubs feature 72 points of engagement, or 5° of engagement. When the typical rear hub has only 12° of pawl engagement, this means that the Hadley rear hub will engage 2x - 3x faster once you slam your pedals down. It may not sound like a big difference, but once you calculate this out through the drivetrain and your crank arms, it feels instantaneous.

Hadley Racing is small family own company located in Southern California. All Hadley hubs are CNC machined in house, meaning nothing is outsourced and the level of quality control is as good as it gets. Suzanne and Mike Hadley take pride in building what could be viewed as some of the best mountain bike hubs in the world. If you buy a Hadley hub or hubset, you wont' be disappointed!

Hadley Disc Rear Hub Specs
* SDH rear hubs feature 4 cartridge bearings and titanium cassette body with a 72 point 4-pawl engagement system
* Light load full contact seals and adjustable preload cartridge bearings
* International Standard 6-bolt disc mounting dimensions
* Hadley front hubs are convertible between all avaiable axle configurations
* Available in 32h or 36h drillings
* Available in black, blue, gold, red or silver
* Approx Weight - 347g - 351g