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Freeride Downhill

Ventana El Cuervo w/ Super FR Build Kit
$5,099.99 - $5,249.99 $5,499.99 - $5,649.99 7% Off
Ventana Bikes El Cuervo Swoop into the extreme DH scene on El Cuervo, Ventana’s big travel, World-Class downhill frame. El Cuervo sits low and stealthy in the turns, flies through rock gardens, and pedals smooth without ruffling any feathers. With its progressive suspension linkage centered on a single pivot, El Cuervo is made to soar - and to hold a line. Its 9"of extensively mapped, meticulously designed, rising rate rear travel ensures plush landings and precision handling. El Cuervo is Ventana’s purebred gravity rig, built to race down the course and land at the podium. Call (708)448-8260 for available parts packages.
Ventana La Bruja w/ Super FR Build Kit
$5,399.99 - $5,779.99 $5,899.99 - $6,279.99 8% Off
Ventana Bikes "The Witch" La Bruja, Ventana’s all-powerful freeride bike makes even sinister double-diamond descents feel like a charmed ride. With its sturdy four-bar linkage and X-braced top tube, La Bruja’s 7" of plush rear travel transforms mountains into molehills, and riders into gods. Like El Terremoto 6.0, La Bruja incorporates Ventana’s proprietary butted tapered and swaged oval-to-round down tube for a reinforced, robust build. But if El Terremoto is a 10 on the Richter scale, then La Bruja goes to 11. Whether you’re riding El Diablo in the east, dropping in on the ‘Shore, or heading to North Star, take La Bruja and seek out the most hair-raising trails you can find.
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