Trek 820

4.5 stars
 (85 Reviews)
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Our entry-level 820 mountain bike is a versatile step in the mountain direction, equally suited to beginner trails and potholed city streets.

If you've heard the call of the trail but aren't ready to commit to the MTB life, 820 is the perfect way to get your feet dirty.

Key features

- Quality construction and components, fantastic value
- Ready to take on rough pavement, light trails, or both
- 75mm suspension fork takes the edge off bumps
- Backed by Trek's limited lifetime warranty

Features & Info

Trek 820 Geometry Chart

Trek 820 Geometry Chart

Consumer Reviews

4.5 stars

(85 reviews)

91% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Durable  (71)
  • Handles Well  (62)
  • Good Geometry  (47)
  • Comfortable  (33)
  • Lightweight  (20)
  • Great Components  (13)


  • Heavy  (36)
  • Uncomfortable Seat  (18)
  • Poor Components  (9)
  • Abit Heavy 
  • None its perfect 
  • Not good tires for trails 

Best Uses

  • Urban Riding  (57)
  • Climbing  (34)
  • Descending  (31)
  • Trail Riding  (25)
  • Single Track  (24)
  • Mountain Biking  (14)

Mar 23, 2017

I absolutely love this bike

Breathable, Durable, Stylish, Dries Quickly
Best Uses:
Mountain Biking, Wet Weather, Road Biking, Commuting
I loved cycling as a teenager and recently found myself diving right back in as a great way to bond and spend time with my 6 year old son. We average at least 25 miles every weekend. I urge any parent tired of tablets and video games to pick up this healthy fun past time
by Wally from Louisiana

Jul 09, 2015

Love my TREK 820

Durable, Easy To Manuver, Best Bike I Ever Had, Stylish
Wheels Need To Be Stronge
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Trail Riding, Beach Riding, Mountain Biking
Had my 820 for over a year now. Best Bike I ever had, I have turned about 8 friends into TREKies. Great product, Has survived my adventures much better then me! Use it on the beach, road,local dirt & asphalt trails. The wheels could be stronger, have bent them a couple of times, upgraded the back one to a double wall and problem resolved. Bought mine at a local bike shop, Great customer service, so great Bike for entry level tied to great service...can't be any happier!
by Rach89 from Alt. Spgs, Fl.

Mar 17, 2015

Best bike for the price!

Good Handling, Sturdy Feel, Nice Design, Comfortable Ride, Stylish
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Light Trail Riding, Excercise, Commuting
Mine was stolen (draw back to having the Trek name), but I will buy another one as soon as I can! Great bike for everyday riding. Perfect for commuting and light trail riding. Best value hands down.
by CJ from Salt Lake City, UT

Feb 10, 2015

Excellent Bike!!!

Durable, Stylish, Best Bike For Money, Lightweight
Best Uses:
I named my Trek bike. Mine was stolen, now I must have another. Great to travel and stay in shape -- sturdy and dependable!
by Dakem from Republic of Brooklyn

Jan 06, 2015


Durable, Easy To Ride
Sometimes Heavy
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Mountain Biking
If I needed a new Bike I would buy this one again and I would recommend it to anyone
by Eli from Detroit mi

Oct 22, 2014

Trek 820 19.5

Shifts Easily, Comfortable, Brakes Work Well, Quality Components, Nice looking, Fun To Ride, Dependable, Affordable
Best Uses:
General Purpose, Road Biking, Trail Biking, Mountain Biking, Commuting
I bought this bicycle three and a half years ago. I wanted a good quality bike with nice features and curb appeal. I've never spent a lot of money on a bicycle before, so I was nervous that I was making a bad purchase. I ride this bike quite frequently and it has NEVER given me one bit of grief. Tires, brakes, bearings, handlebars, cables...everything is still funtioning great just like the day I rode away from the shop. Even thought the 820 is an entery level bike, it sure met and far exceeded my expectations. Marketed as a entry level bike but has upper intermediate qualifications. You won't be sorry. I promise.It really is THAT good!! (My brother keeps asking me to sell it to him but I keep saying no.)
by Fender from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Sep 13, 2014

A solid entry-level mountain bike

inexpensive, Rugged
Components, Heavy Bulky
Best Uses:
Gravel And Commuting, Gravelcommuting
It is what it is, an entry-level mountain bike. It's rugged and the frame will last forever. The forks are a little bouncy, it's a bit on the heavy side, and it's not ideal for commuting, but for the money, good luck getting a bike that can handle what it handles. Ultimately, it's good value for the money. You want better components and a smoother ride, then you're going to need to pay more money to maintain the rugged construction and durability of the bike. If you want to go down gnarly singletrack or get big air, you need to be looking at a price point substantially higher
by Rob from Tacoma, WA

Sep 10, 2014

Outstanding bike. No major Problems

Trail And Off Road Tough, Durable
Derailer In Poor Area
Best Uses:
Commuting, Cold Weather, Wet Weather, Road Biking, Mountain Biking, Casual Wear, Running
never bent a rim or got stranded. Never blew a gear. It will get you around. Highly Dependable, even in the snow. It makes the miles. I traveled 64 miles per day. I have owned the 820 since September of 2012. The Bike Zone is Awesome. I would never get another bike.
by Crazy from Rochester, NewYork

Jun 19, 2014

Nice Bike

Durable, Versatile
Best Uses:
Mountain Biking, Road Biking
I have had this bike a few months now. It has been a great bike. Its a smooth riding bike and easy to ride. I have not been on a bike in 15 years and this bike has been a great step to get me back in the saddle. I do not like the seat, but I suspect that has less to do with the bike and more to do with me not being on a bike for so long. I have been on some trails but mostly ride it around town. It rides well on the road. Very happy with this bike
by Rich from Southborough, MA

Apr 02, 2014

Quality bike

Versatile, Lightweight
Best Uses:
Mountain Biking, Commuting/City, Road Biking
I use this bike for local paths and trails and it has performed flawlessly. Very simple construction without a lot of bells and whistles that cost more money. Smooth shifting, smooth ride and a great upright feel when riding. Go to a bike shop and get fitted and it will be an extremely enjoyable experience.
by Cbass from Nashville, TN

Feb 02, 2014

Good sturdy dependable bike

reliable, Durable, Handles Well, Sturdy
Uncomfortable Seat
Best Uses:
Nimble, Trail Riding, Climbing, Descending, Single Track, Tracks True, Urban Riding
I bought this bike to replace a secondhand Trek 800 that I gave to a friend. I mostly used it for trail riding and foul weather riding until I converted it to a longtail cargo bike with an Xtracycle Free Radical conversion. I also replaced the horrible seat, pedals, and handlebars. But that was several months into ownership. I trail rode with others who had newer full suspension and was able to keep up with them. I also replaced the Suntour 2025 front shocks with Nashbar solid forks as I am old school. Overall a great bike.
by Tom Fuller from Warminster

Dec 30, 2013

Very good bike

Comfortable, Durable, Handles Well, Lightweight, Very Good Suspension, Good Geometry
Pedels Brake
Best Uses:
Urban Riding, Climbing, Descending
I use to ride trails and ride the road
by lil hoss from Mt. vernon, MO

Nov 28, 2013

Great Bike, Great Price

Quality, Light, Recreation, Value
Best Uses:
Commuting/City, Light, Mountain Biking
I used to ride BMX and mtn bikes many years ago so I was looking to get back into cycling. The Trek 820 was the perfect "re-entry" bike for me. Great quality and value. As long as you're not looking to go extreme, this is a solid product.
by GB from Monterey Park, CA

May 21, 2013

Great Bike

Durable, Good Geometry, Handles Well
Heavy, Uncomfortable Seat
Best Uses:
Descending, Trail Riding, Urban Riding, Climbing
I have beaten this bike hard and it keeps asking for more! Great bike! I got it on sale and at first I I didn't like it, as soon as I got comfortable with it I couldn't put it down. I need to replace a lot of parts on the bike but after the amount of abuse I have put it through that's expected. It's a great bike, If you find it on sale don't hesitate.
by who needs brakes! from Alberta, Canada

Apr 23, 2013

Great bike

Comfortable, Durable, Good Geometry, Handles Well
Best Uses:
Trail Riding, Urban Riding
The 820 was the very first bike I bought many years ago when I decided to go from biking around the neighborhood to real hard-core mountain biking. This bike totally filled and surpassed my expectations. The 820 had superior quality than even the next Trek I bought, the 3600, now discontinued but resembling the new 3 Series, that even had disc brakes and other stuff. I would definitely get another 820.
by Rod Bates from MN

Apr 07, 2013

great and reliable

Nice Fit, Durable, Handles Well, Good Geometry, Comfortable
Heavy, Abit Heavy
Best Uses:
Urban Riding, Single Track, Rails to Trails
I bought this bike for my girlfriend. A year later she loved it so much she bought me one for x-mas. 17 years thousands of miles and several sets of tires later I'm still in love with this bike. For the past few years I have been pulling my two grandchildren in a trailer. It NEVER wears out. I just bought my 35 year old daughter one to keep her from stealing mine all of the time. I'm basically a rails to trails flatlander so it fits my needs perfectly. I highly recommend this to anyone.
by deano from pittsburgh, pa

Mar 20, 2013

Great first mountain bike

Durable, Lightweight, Good Geometry, Handles Well, Comfortable
Poor Tires, Uncomfortable Seat
Best Uses:
Urban Riding, Climbing, Trail Riding, Descending
Purchased this to start out mountain biking. It is slightly heavier than other steel frame designs that I have looked out but not too heavy to lift in and out of the bed of a pick-up truck. The only problem that I have had is a flat tire the second time using it, but I think that had more to do with the location we were riding (construction traffic). The tire was easily removed and the inner-tube patched within seconds so no big deal. So far so good with this one. I am 6'3" 260# and am riding a 19.5" frame 820 which is a little smaller than I probably need, but I am sharing this with someone and it is working out fine for both of us.
by Jarrod from South Carolina

Mar 19, 2013

Great for the Novice-Average rider

Handling, Cost Effective, Durable
Uncomfortable Seat
Best Uses:
Single Track, Urban Riding
I bought this bike on a whim because it was on sale thinking I can always upgrade to better bike. I won't need to do that for a long time. This was a pleasant surprise! After purchasing it and riding I would've gladly paid full price for it. Its an excellent bike for the casual rider like myself. I'm 6'1 230 pounds so I can't say that its too heavy. Plus I don't have anything to compare it against as this was my first bike in over 15 yrs. The few drawbacks that I have is 1) the seat is uncomfortable and will probably be switched out for a wider gel seat. 2) The gears needed to be checked out after the first few rides. They slipped in first and second. But afterwards, no issues. Feels great.
by Chi-town rider from Chicago, Il

Oct 14, 2012

Awesome Upgrade

Good Geometry, Smooth Gears, Handles Well, Durable, Comfortable
Best Uses:
Single Track, Climbing, Trail Riding, Urban Riding
I actually purchased this bike used from a guy that bought it new this summer, he put 600 miles on it. When I purchased it from him, I just had to adjust the front derailleur as it was rubbing the chain. It rides smooth with the street tires he put on, so I can't comment on the tires. But I can comment on how smooth the gears and derailleurs were. Riding up hills was a lot easier compared to my 16 year old other brand bike. I just put 26 miles on it a few days ago, and it was very enjoyable. No slippage of the gears, handled pretty well. All in all, I love this bike. I'm actually picking up stock rim and tires to have an extra set for when I go trail riding, as current setup from previous owner are not trail tires.
by Hmoob Vaj from Wisconsin

Apr 17, 2012

I Love the Bike!!

Comfortable, Good Geometry, AWSOME CASETTE, Great Looking, Durable, Light for a steel frame, Handles Well
Not good tires for trails
Best Uses:
Trail Riding, Urban Riding, Descending, Single Track, Climbing
I bought this bike to take the place of my 94 830 which would never die on me and I loved it but the time came for me to smell the flowers and upgrade. It was a great decision buying this bike, I wasn't looking for a very expensive bike and I knew i wasn't going to find a top of the line trail rider for under $400.00 but I also wanted one that could pull off some basic trail riding and stay intact without dismay. In doing so I found that the 820 was perfect for my needs and exceeded my expectations. The bike handles great in the single track trails and going up hills is so simple due to the extra large cassette sprocket, plus the bike is not heavy even though its steel I was amazed that it was only slightly heavier then the 3500 model which is all aluminum. The rapid fire shifters are of great quality and feel just right for me, The brakes handled very well on the trails even when flying down hill or wet, The seat is very comfortable although many reviews claimed its was not but I had to beg a differ. The only con I can find on this bike is that I wish they sold it with a better trail tire. The bike flew up hills but when coming across a highly rooted and rocky hill the tires just loved to slip. Just seems more like street tires to me. If you are tight on cash and want a quality made bike the 820 is definitely worth the money and anyone who knows about Treks knows they are built to last.
by Vincenzo from Manchester NH


Trek Custom Steel
SR Suntour M-3030, coil spring, preload, 75mm travel
1-1/8" threadless
Bontrager AT-550 36-hole alloy
Front: Formula FM21 alloy; Rear: Formula FM31 alloy
Bontrager Approved
Bontrager LT3, 26x2.00"
Shimano Tourney M131
Bottom Bracket
Sealed cartridge
Front Derailleur
Shimano Tourney TY500
Rear Derailleur
Shimano Tourney TY300
Rear Cogs
Shimano TZ21 14-28, 7 speed
Shimano Tourney EF40, 7 speed
Bontrager Riser, 25.4mm, 30mm rise
Bontrager SSR
Bontrager alloy, 25.4mm, 25 degree
Tektro alloy linear-pull
Wellgo nylon platform
Bontrager SSR
Bontrager SSR, 2-bolt head, 29.2mm, 12mm offset