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Turner Mountain Bikes & Frames

Richards Bikes is proud to carry Turner Bikes.  Featuring models like the Turner 5.Spot, Sultan 29er, Burner & the Turner DHR downhill bike, we're certain to have the bike for you!  Custom build your new Turner with one of our many Shimano & SRAM custom build kits.  Stop by our Chicagoland location and take one home with you today!

About Turner Bikes

Turner Bicycles founder David Turner has been at the forefront of MTB suspension since the technology's inception in the 1980's. As a professional racer, David helped designers at RockShox, Mongoose and AMP Research race-test and fine-tune early advancements in suspension design. After retiring from full-time competition, David worked with legendary design guru Horst Leitner to create some of the most progressive and lightweight suspension bicycle frames and forks the sport had ever seen.

In 1994, David Turner entered the bicycle market with high-performance frames bearing his own name. Turner suspension frames quickly earned a winning reputation by delivering levels of performance, pedaling efficiency and reliability few riders had ever experienced. The superiority of Turner frames has not been lost on top pros in the sport. Numerous NORBA, World Cup and UCI Championships have been won on Turner frames, and all by riders being paid by other bike companies to endorse their products.

Two thousand seven marks our company's 14th year building high-performance suspension frames for hard-core riders. Next year's Turner line is the most comprehensive in our company's history, and includes long-travel DH race machines, big-hit freeride frames, mid- and short-travel XC frames and even an all-new suspension frame for the 29-inch scene.

Turner DW-Link Suspension

Aside from using only the finest materials and their superior level of attention paid to detail, Turner's DW-Link Suspension technology helps put them ahead of the competition.  Simultaneously engineered anti-squat and wheel rate curves are the mathematical formulas that make dw-link the world's most efficient and traction-aiding suspension system. The dw-link is the only design on the market that is able to control unwanted bob and still remain active in more gear combinations than any other design. Dave Weagle has been refining the mathematics of optimum pivot locations of the dw-link on everything from World Cup winning downhill bikes to short travel XC flyers.

Turner Burner 650b Mountain Bike
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Turner Flux 275 Mountain Bike
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Turner Czar 29er Carbon Mountain Bike
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Turner Sultan 29er Mountain Bike
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Turner DHR Mountain Bike
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 Turner King Kahn Fat Bike

Turner King Kahn Fat Bike