Chicago Trek Project One Custom Bikes

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What Is Project One? The Trek Project One program is a specialty program designed for Road Rider's who want a Madone & want to go complete custom.  Customize, personalize, sensationalize, the choice is yours. Just select the model, fit, styling, and components you desire, and we’ll build your dream bike!
How is my bike built? We’ll create your custom bike the way we build every Project One bike: by hand, one at a time, with the love and care only the most experienced bike builders and artists can offer. We’ll obsess over every detail. And when your custom bike arrives, the reality will surpass the dream.
How can I start my order? It's easy!  Simply stop in our store or call our store at 708-448-8260 and ask for Mike Rankovitch, our Trek Certified Project One Specialist, and you guys will be able to work together one on one to come up with your ultimate dream bike!