Ventana el Toro Mountain Bike Frame

Ventana el Toro Mountain Bike Frame
$950.00 - $1,100.00
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Ventana Bikes

For those who have been pawing at the ground, impatient for a one-speed frameset that can charge the trail, El Toro offers the singular singlespeed experience, on demand.

Ventana has refined their one-geared hardtail over the years into the quintessential bike frame for racers and purists alike. Able to handle singletrack with efficiency and precision, El Toro is designed to boost your power, smooth out your spin and develop your eye for reading the trail.

On a singlespeed, riders learn to anticipate approaching hills, corners, and descents and to adjust their physical output to these terrain changes. On El Toro, riders can anticipate a ride where they feel at one with those very hills, corners, and descents. If you’re raring to embrace one gear, lighten your load and leave your shifting woes and drive train wear behind, then you’ll want to be running with El Toro.