Ventana el Chiquillo Hardtail Mountain Bike Frame

Ventana el Chiquillo Hardtail Mountain Bike Frame
$950.00 - $1,100.00
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Ventana Bikes

It’s true - no one can pick a line like a hardtail rider. And hardtail riders also know how important it is to pick a frame that can hold a line.

El Chiquillo, Ventana's lightweight and laterally stiff racing frame, proves that nearly two decades of research and design can produce a hardtail not only responsive to navigating tight, rocky mountain passes with precision, but also compliant enough to spare hardcore hardtail riders much of the punishment that rough terrain can dole out.

Built to push the pace uphill and help hone your handling skills on the descents, El Chiquillo is guaranteed to put new life into your ride and more than a little fear into your competition.