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Turner Bikes Czar 29er Frame

Turner Bikes Czar 29er Frame
01.3 - Rear Shock:
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New in for the XC 29er biking market is the Turner Czar. The Turner Czar is a versatile 100mm / 4 inch DW-Link XC race 29er bike that can that can take on nearly any trail you put in its path. Designed with Toray High Modulus Carbon Fiber, and Turner's legendary ride quality, the Czar will efficiently soak up all the bumps on the trail while remaining a lightweight, competitive XC race / Marathon bike. Try a Turner Czar out today. You're sure to be impressed!

What do your build kits consist of?  Below is a chart of what each build kit consists of.  Each build kit includes all of the parts for the series from which you have chosen.  Example: If you choose a Shimano XT build kit, the entire drivetrain, including brakes, will be that of the XT series.  Please refer to the following chart.

Shimano Series 10 Speed Build Kits:  
- Crankset & Bottom Bracket
- Cassette
- Chain
- Front & Rear Derailleur
- Shifters
- Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  SRAM Series 10 Speed Build Kits:  
- Crankset & Bottom Bracket
- Cassette
- Chain
- Front & Rear Derailleur
- Shifters
- Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  SRAM Series 11 Speed Build Kits:  
- Crankset & Bottom Bracket
- Cassette
- Chain
- Rear Derailleur
- Shifter (Rear Only)
- Hydraulic Disc Brakes

What if I want specific component(s) that aren't listed as a choice?  Generally speaking, we have access to all components, even if not listed as a choice.  In order to make the build process less confusing for our customers, we've opted to list the most commonly requested components from our past customers.  If however there are any components which aren't listed that you'd like your bike built with, simply call us at 708-448-8260 or drop us an e-mail at, and someone will be able to help you with your request.

Can I mix & match items in my groupo?  In order to keep pricing as low as possible for our customers, all of our groupo's are purchased in bulk as "kits" (ex. XT 2x10, XTR 2x10, X.9 2x.10, ect...) from the manufacturer's.  If you wish to mix components from different series groupo's, we can do so; however you'll lose that bulk discount pricing, therefore if you're looking to simply replace a couple of components with lower grade items in order to save money, it'll generally cost you more to do so.  In the end however, if you ultimatly want a mixed groupo, we can absolutly accomidate your request, but ask that you please e-mail with a full list of components that you'd like to use.

Explain your wheelset choices? Richards Bicycles offers 2 wheelset choices.  The first being stock wheelsets, such as Mavic CrossMax SLR, Stan's Crest/Arch EX / Flow EX w/ Stan's 3.30 hubs, ect.....  If you're not interested in one of our stock wheelset options, you can "I don’t need a wheelset OR building custom below" and simply choose one of our custom wheelsets from below.  

If you want a stock wheelset that isn't listed, we ask that you please contact us.  If you want to customize your wheelset beyond the custom options that are listed, we ask that you either contact us or choose "No, I don’t need a custom wheelset" and then proceed to our custom wheelset builder page, where you'll be able to customize your wheelset choice with much more details. 

What is the build time?  Provided that the frame is available in the size that color that you're looking for, we can generally build your custom bike within 1-2 weeks.  If you'd like to check on frame availability, please contact us.

What is S&H?  S&H for frames is $50 and $100 for customers located in the lower 48 states.  Customers located in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or internationally should contact us to request a shipping quote.

Is there sales tax?  Richards Bicycles is only required to charge sales tax for IL customers.  If you live in any of the other 49 states, there will be no sales tax.  Furthermore, international customers will not pay sales tax through Richards Bicycles; however you may be charged importing duties / VAT charges upon receiving your frame / bike.  We do not keep a list of rates paid per country, as they change on a regular basis, so we ask that international customers please contact their local customs office to obtain a list of possible charges, as we will not have that information.


Simultaneously engineered anti-squat and wheel rate curves are the mathematical formulas that make dw-link the world's most efficient and traction-aiding suspension system.

The dw-link is the only design on the market that is able to control unwanted bob and still remain active in more gear combinations than any other design. Dave Weagle has been refining the mathematics of optimum pivot locations of the dw-link on everything from World Cup winning downhill bikes to short travel XC flyers.



The use of journal bearings, or 'bushings' as some in the bike industry call them, is a perfect solution for the high shock load and abusive limited range of motion that bicycle suspensions put on the pivot system.

Our Journal Bearing system utilizes hard anodized aluminum pivot shafts and Kevlar composite bearings. Since it is not made of steel this system is not capable of rusting and has substantial weight savings over its cartridge style counterparts. Then with the zerk lubrication fittings found at every pivot location, our Journal bearing system has an unrivaled service life, even in the harshest of environments.

The design of our Journal Bearing System is built into the frame to work seamlessly with the suspension. By not using an off-the shelf bearing we are able make use of the entire width of the pivot area. This eliminates any torsional flex in the back end and is why our bikes have legendary handling & stability.



A mathematical technique for analyzing stress points, which breaks down a physical structure into substructures called 'finite elements'. These finite elements and their interrelationships are then converted into equation form and solved mathematically.

We use an FEA computer program to aide in the design of every Turner frame. This helps us maximize the strength and minimize the weight to insure a perfect balance is acheived as form follows function is the convention we adhere by.



No more zip ties and better placed mounting locations. The Czar has plenty of options to cleanly and securely run your cables with dedicated aluminum clamps.




Head Tube engineering: The Czar head tube requires press fit bearings, not road bike style bearings that sit loosely in the frame which could damage the expensive carbon front triangle if you have the headset come loose and are forced to ride a long way with the fork rattling back and forth. With press fit bearing races any maladjustment damage will be in the less expensive headset, not your carbon front triangle.



The biggest reason why Turner Bikes chose to pioneer the use of post-mount rear brake mounting was to eliminate the adapter. All disc brake manufacturers and all new fork designs had already gone to the post-mount calipers due to the ease of set up and the increased rigidity provided. Plus, with the decision to create the post-mount rear dropout we removed two bolts that were doing nothing but adding weight and potential flex. An exceptional design begins with simplicity and commonsense.



Zerks are stainless steel, ultra compact, custom made proprietory fittings to aide in the lubrication and maintenance of all the pivots on a Turner frame. It only makes sense that a machine that is used in the rough and many times sees wet conditions, that it would have a way to push the grit and water out easily and on regular basis. This is one of the key features that makes the ownership of a Turner cost effective over the long haul.



Bigger bearing = better performance & longer service life; less corrosion (nylon cup barrier /lack of dissimilar materials/ Galvanic Corrosion); larger 30mm spindle allows stiffer and lighter crank assemblyu; up to 18% lighter than conventional threaded system; no risk of cross threading!



Ride tuning is accomplished through a carefully crafted carbon layup schedule and precise resin selection to optimize the feel of the terrain being transmitted through the frame. Although impressive stiffness was a goal, we did not want the frame to feel like a block of wood with a harsh ride. We tuned specific ride characteristics into the carbon frame to provide a snappy, yet controlled ride experience. Using Toray High Modulus Carbon Fiber, we were able to exceed our goals with our iteration of how a full-suspension 29” carbon mountain bike should ride and perform. 

Geometry ::.
{ Listed geometry based on a 506mm axle to crown fork with a 29"x2.25" tire ( 741mm/29.2in Outside Tire Diameter), acceptable fork travel range: 100mm }
  md lg xl xx all  
a: virtual tt 23.0 (584) 23.8 (605) 24.6 (627) 25.5 (648) g: head angle 69.8°
b: seat tube 17.0 (432) 19.0 (482) 21.0 (533) 23.0 (584) h: virtual st angle 73°
c: head tube 4.0 (102) 4.7 (119) 5.3 (135) 6.1 (155) head tube diam 44-56mm Taper
d: stack tbd tbd tbd tbd j: bb height 12.8 (325)
e: reach tbd tbd tbd tbd bb shell 73mm
f: standover 30.0 (762) 31.0 (787) 32.0 (813) 33.0 (838 seat post 30.9mm
k: wheelbase 43.75(1111) 44.25(1124) 44.75(1137) 45.8(1165) i: chainstay 17.4 (442)
frame weight 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.7  
rec'd rider size 5'5-5'9 5'9-6'0 6'0-6'3 6'3-6'6
Geometry Key

• Optimized Rider Positioning: In the quest to create an agile 29er while retaining the stability that most 29r riders are seeking, we juggled bottom bracket height, chainstay length, head angle, 'virtual' top tube length, and wheelbase, which all have an impact on maneuverability. In order to achieve the geometry we wanted, the Czar utilizes a seat tube bent mid span, this creates a notably slacker Seat Post angle than a traditional Seat Tube angle.

What does this mean to the rider? This creates a distance between bar and seat (at full pedaling height) that is greater than the typical TT due to a Seat Post angle that is 3-4 degrees slacker than the Virtual Seat Tube angle. As is the norm, virtual top tube lengths are from HT center and stops at the seat post center when measured parallel to ground. Actual seat height is much higher than the top of the head tube and this bent seat tube 'throwing' the actual seat position rearward a bit more than the standard measurement.

• Inseam measurements are fine for pant shopping, but have no place in mountain bike shopping. Leg length is what is important as rarely does anyone buy pants that have the same inseam as their actual leg length. Since no one rides barefoot the leg length should be measured with your mountain bike shoes on standing against a wall and with a carpenters square or large sized book firmly raised into the crotch and square to the wall is how to figure leg length.

Turner Bikes measures ‘Standover’ height 6” / 150mm in front of the BB center, that is roughly the MIDDLE of the Top Tube, not at the actual lowest point way back at the junction with the Seat Tube as some companies do. The allows for plenty of standover clearance without the nose of the seat crushing into your spine!

Simultaneously engineered anti-squat and wheel rate curves are the mathematical formulas that make dw-link the world’s most efficient and traction-aiding suspension system.

Newton’s 3rd law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When a vehicle accelerates, the reaction is that its mass is transferred rearward. Dw-link’s patented position sensitive anti-squat perfectly balances this rearward mass transfer, increasing efficiency, traction, and bump sensitivity, and eliminating pedal feedback.

Each dw-link frame is engineered for an optimum wheel rate and to work for a specific use with a specific spring and damper. Unlike other suspension systems, dw-link’s does not rely on pedaling platform type dampers, giving the best bump absorption and traction of any suspension available today. Advanced riders use these traits to pump terrain in the trail and add momentum.

The dw-link suspension projects its instant center to an ideal location, achieving a balance of traction and stability under hard braking that is unmatched by other suspensions.

Perception of pedal feedback on a bicycle is a manifestation of rapid chainstay length change and gearing effects. dw-link uses a smooth and positive chainstay lengthening effect to offset negative gearing effects. This results in a smooth ride with imperceptible pedal feedback over entire gear range.

As your suspension reacts to obstacles, the position sensitive dw-link axle path intelligently changes to meet the demands of the trail. In the beginning of the travel, its rearward profile gives incredible small bump absorption and traction on the climbs. In the middle of the travel, the dw-link axle path works with the front suspension to provide a balanced feel for amazing cornering confidence and jumping ability. The end of the travel provides an increase in compression damping for bottomless suspension feel and big hit absorption.

Dw-link uses short, stiff links, aligned in the direction of incoming forces, and a triangulated rear swingarm. This unique layout aligns suspension forces in the most efficient layouts possible to enable frame designs with industry leading strength-to-weight ratios and stiffness. This structural advantage lets dw-link riders put down power more efficiently and track straight in the bumps where others veer off course.


Turner Czar 29er

Turner Czar 29er