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Shimano XT Disc Custom 26", 29er & 650b Wheelset Builder

Shimano XT Disc Custom 26", 29er & 650b Wheelset Builder
$399.99 - $1,134.94
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Customize your next mountain bike wheelset with Shimano XT hubs. Shimano XT hubs are available in both 6 bolt disc & Centerlock designs. Build with Shimano precision quality, these hubs are designed to last for many years to come. Shimano rear hubs provide 36 points of pawl engagement, every 10°, which is faster than the industry average. Use our custom wheelset builder above and design your own unique Shimano XT wheelset today to fit your specific riding needs!

Shimano XT Wheelset Weight Calculator

Wheelset Weight Equation: Front Rim + Rear Rim + Front Hub + Rear Hub + Spokes

Rim (single rim) Weight
Crest 26" / 27.5" / 29" 340g / 355g / 380g
Arch EX 26" / 27.5" / 29" 400g / 420g / 450g
Flow EX 26" / 27.5" / 29" 490g / 530g / 545g
Mavic 717 395g
Mavic 819 450g
Mavic 823 655g
Mavic 719 460g
Mavic 321 570g

Hub Weight
XT Front - QR - 6 Bolt Disc 240g
XT Front - QR - 6 Centerlock Disc 166g
XT Front - 15mm Thru - 6 Bolt Disc 202g
XT Front - 15mm Thru - Centerlock Disc 170g
XT Rear - QR - 6 Bolt Disc 422g
XT Rear - QR - Centerlock Disc 330g
XT Rear - 12x142mm - Centerlock Disc 358g

Spoke Weight
DT Swiss Champion 26" / 27.5" / 29" 442g / 459g / 477g
DT Swiss Competition 26" / 27.5" / 29" 407g / 424g / 440g
DT Swiss SuperComp 26" / 27.5" / 29" 343g / 358g / 373g
DT Swiss Revolution 26" / 27.5" / 29" 293g / 306g / 319g
DT Swiss Aerolite 26" / 27.5" / 29" 297g / 310g / 323g

* Hub weights are hubs only. Skewers not included in the displayed weights * Rim weights are for rims only. Rim tape & valves are not included in weights * Spoke weights are for 64 spokes with alloy nipples included in the weight.

** All weights provided are an approximate # and may vary slightly. This weight calculator is designed to give our customers a rough, but close idea of what their custom XT wheelset should weight weigh when fully built

As you can see, using a Stan's Sealant Injector is well worth the $9.95, as it saves time and makes the installation process a whole heck of a lot easier!
Stan's Tubeless Sealant Injector

Customize the look of your bike with our WTB colored valves, which are available in brass, black, red or blue.  These valves make your bike look cooler, so you should buy them. A stepped lock nut further adds compatibility among various drillings and a smooth pump interface and removable core make setting beads a cinch. 

Custom Wheel Return / Exchange Policy & Restocking Fee's - Because custom made products such as custom bikes, custom wheelsets & custom wheels are custom designed & built to your specifications, and because custom bikes, wheels & other custom merchandise require a rather lengthy amount of time to assemble, we charge a 35% restocking fee for all custom product returns unless the item is damaged or incorrect.  Please note that "color variation" on custom wheels & bikes does not qualify as an "incorrect item", as paint color & anodized products all have some level of color variation which neither we, nor the manufacturuer, has complte control over.  We, as well as our manufacturuers, do our best to build custom products as true the advertised color shown on our website and our manfacturers websites as possible; however there is always some level of color variation which is beyond our control.  S&H will not be refunded for custom product returns unless it is defective or incorrect.  Furthermore, if you choose to return a non-defective custom wheel, wheelset or bike, the 65% credit will only be applied as a store credit towards further purchases with