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Ventana El Capitan 29er w/ SRAM 29er Kit
$3,799.99 - $3,979.99 $4,299.99 - $4,479.99 Up To 11% Savings
Ventana Bikes El Capitan El Capitán represents the culmination of years of Ventana’s full suspension design engineering applied to a fast rolling, big traction, high stability 29”er platform. 29” wheels excel in climbing traction and stability. Their large rotational inertia keeps them rolling where you point them and adds confidence and stability in the rough. And for taller riders, their high axle pivot center greatly reduces front wheel end-over tendencies. So when Ventana coupled those big-wheel attributes with their renowned suspension chassis, with efficient pedaling and unrivaled lateral stiffness, they created a 29”er that is an inspiration to ride. With 4” of plush rear wheel travel, oversized quad bearings, heavy-duty reinforced swingarm, x-braced top tube and Ventana’s renowned in-house manufacturing excellence, El Capitán is truly the big man in charge in the emergent FS 29”er category. This bike will blow your mind! Please know that any component can be changed - prices may vary. Call (708)448-8260 for more info.

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