Project 321 Custom 26", 29er & 650b Wheelset Builder

Project 321 Custom 26", 29er & 650b Wheelset Builder
$939.99 - $1,799.93
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Custom build your Project 321 wheelset today. Use our Project 321 Custom Wheelset Builder to customize nearly every aspect of your new wheelset. Customize your rim size, type, color, spoke type / color, Project 321 hub color, ect.... The ultimate custom built wheelset is a Project 321 custom built wheelset.

Project 321 ISO disc hubs are some of the best hubs on the market. If you're a rider who's looking for top notch quality and a some of the highest levels of engagement, then Project 321 ISO disc hubs are the hubs for you. These hubs utilize the Industry Nine cassette mechanism with industry leading 120 point, 3 degree engagement, 6 pawl mechanism. Project 321 hubs are fully customizable, available in multiple color variations, and their axles can be interchanged. Project 321 hubs are of the highest quality. They're hand made, anodized and use sealed cartridge bearings.

Project 321 ISO Disc Hub Features:
- Interchangeable axle configurations
- Available in single speed & lefty
- Available in 6 standard colors and 3 custom colors
- Anodized finish
- Available in standard Shimano or SRAM XX1 configurations
- Weight 514g
- Available in 32 and 28 hole patterns
- Pre-polished for extra shine
- CNC engraved logo (not laser etch or sticker)
- 3 year warranty
- Made in the USA
- Bearings: Enduro ABEC 5. Upgrade option: Enduro ZERO Ceramic Hybrid

ISO hub specifications and wheel building information
Hub TypeAxle TypeAxle WidthFlange Diameter Drive Side & non-Drive Side (mm)Center to Flange Drive Side (mm)Center to Flange non-Drive side (mm)Frame Attachment OptionsAvailable Spoke Hole DrillingUpgrade & Conversion OptionsWeight*(grams)
ISO front two piece  100 57.4 31.3 22.2 QR 28/32/36 4 166
ISO 15mm SD front one piece  100 57.4 31.3 22.2 15mm TA 32/36 4 164
ISO 15mm LD front one piece  100 57.4 31.6 23.3 15mm TA 32/36 5 197
ISO 20mm front one piece  110 57.4 31.6 23.3 20mm TA 32/36 5 207
ISO 24mm front one piece  110 57.4 26.5 27.8 24mm TA 32/36 5 240
ISO 135 rear one piece  135 57.4 20.1 33.9 QR/FB 28/32/36 1/3 336
ISO 135 x 10/12mm rear one piece  135 57.4 20.1 33.9 10/12mm TA 28/32/36 1/3 320**
ISO 142 x 12mm rear one piece  142 57.4 20.1 33.9 12mm TA 28/32/36 1/3 325*
ISO 150 x 10/12 mm rear one piece  150 57.4 25.0 38.5 10/12mm TA 32/36 3 336**
ISO Single Speed rear one piece  135 57.4 32.3 31.0 QR/FB 28/32/36 - 411***
Universal Disc front two piece  100 53.0 31.5 23.0 QR 32/36 - 150
Universal Disc rear one piece  135 53.0 21.0 34.0 QR/FB 32/36 1/3 282
Universal Disc Single Speed rear one piece  135 53.0 32.0 34.2 QR/FB 32/36 - 427***
Universal Disc rear tandem two piece  140 53.0 23.5 31.5 QR 32/36 2/3 284
Universal Disc rear tandem one piece  145 53.0 26.0 29.0 QR/FB 32/36 3 366
Universal Disc rear tandem one piece  160 53.0 33.7 33.7 QR/FB 32/36 3 388
Frame Attachment Options

QR: Quick release only

TA: Thru-axle only

QR/FB: Quick release or FunBolts (FunBolts only compatible with rear one piece axle)

Upgrade & Conversion Options
  1. Convertible to 135mm QR/FB axle, 135 x 10mm TA, 135 x 12mm TA, 142 x 12mm TA and 135mm two piece QR axle
  2. Convertible to 130mm, 135mm and 140mm axle widths when using a two piece axle
  3. Convertible to stainless steel driveshell
  4. Convertible to QR and 15mm thru axle
  5. Convertible to 15mm and 20mm thru axle, and 24mm axle
Wheel Building Specifications

Spoke Gauge: 13, 14 or 15 gauge

Spoke Lacing Pattern: 3-or-more cross

Spoke Hole Diameter: 2.5mm 

Weight Details

* Add 48g if hub features a stainless steel driveshell

**Add 5g if using 10mm thru axle 

***Weight includes 18t stainless steel cog (16g), Single Speed cog spacers (6g), Single Speed cog lock ring (4g) and FunBolts (42g)
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Months of design and testing went into our ISO disc hubset. During the development process, we adapted our machines to use larger bar stock when we make the hub shells. This manufacturing improvement allowed us to increase the spoke flange diameter significantly. A larger spoke flange spreads the spoke holes away from each other. Also, you can use shorter spokes to build a more durable, stiffer and stronger wheel

Make no mistake, these are not "disposable" parts. There are a lot of super light hubs out there, but will they still be working in 2 years? How about 5? If you ride a lot, 5 years is a lot of panic stops, high speed feathering and braking bumps. Like all of our other hubs, these carry a 5 year warranty. It is easy to make a really light hub, not so easy to make one that you can sell with confidence and back that up for 5 full years. Who else does this but King?


Stainless Flip-Offs

Just as pretty as our Ti Flip-Offs, our ‘regular’ Flip-Offs use stainless steel rods. Recommended for Front or Full-Suspension Use. Available in a whole host of colors.

  • Beautifully machined and hand friendly
  • Variety of sizes, sold as pairs or individually front or rear
  • Black, Silver, Blue, Red, or Green
  • More than just eye candy, they're hand candy, as well
  • 49 grams for front, 54 grams for rear

Titanium Flip-Offs

Our Ti Flip-Offs are as beautiful to the touch as they are to the eye. Lightweight. Smooth. Recommended for Road Use or Rigid Front MTB Use only. Available in a whole host of colors.

  • Beautifully machined and hand friendly
  • Variety of sizes, sold as pairs or individually front or rear
  • Black, Silver, Blue, Red, or Green
  • More than just eye candy, they're hand candy, as well
  • 40 grams for front, 44 grams for rear

Custom Wheel Return / Exchange Policy & Restocking Fee's - Because custom made products such as custom bikes, custom wheelsets & custom wheels are custom designed & built to your specifications, and because custom bikes, wheels & other custom merchandise require a rather lengthy amount of time to assemble, we charge a 35% restocking fee for all custom product returns unless the item is damaged or incorrect.  Please note that "color variation" on custom wheels & bikes does not qualify as an "incorrect item", as paint color & anodized products all have some level of color variation which neither we, nor the manufacturuer, has complte control over.  We, as well as our manufacturuers, do our best to build custom products as true the advertised color shown on our website and our manfacturers websites as possible; however there is always some level of color variation which is beyond our control.  S&H will not be refunded for custom product returns unless it is defective or incorrect.  Furthermore, if you choose to return a non-defective custom wheel, wheelset or bike, the 65% credit will only be applied as a store credit towards further purchases with  

As you can see, using a Stan's Sealant Injector is well worth the $9.95, as it saves time and makes the installation process a whole heck of a lot easier!
Stan's Tubeless Sealant Injector

Customize the look of your bike with our WTB colored valves, which are available in brass, black, red or blue.  These valves make your bike look cooler, so you should buy them. A stepped lock nut further adds compatibility among various drillings and a smooth pump interface and removable core make setting beads a cinch.