Project 321 Anodized Stan's ZTR Alpine 26" Rim

Project 321 Anodized Stan's ZTR Alpine 26" Rim
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Have you always wanted a Stan's Alpine rim, but wished it was available in colors other than the standard black & white? If so, you're not alone! Introducing Project 321 custom anodized Stan's ZTR Rims. Project 321 is a specialty company that specializes in custom bike products, including custom refinishing of Stan's ZTR rims. Project 321 purchased the ZTR Alpine rims direct from Stan's, strips the black paint off and re-anodizes each rim individually in red, blue, green, gold, orange, pink or purple. This process does not add any weight to the rim and the warranty is not affected. Basically, if you're looking to spiff up your wheelset and want to get beyond the boring black / white color options, Project 321 Stan's custom anodized rims are the way to go!

Quantity: 1 Stan's Alpine Rim