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700c, 27-Inch & 650c

American Classic Victory 30 Tubeless Wheelset
The deep-section Victory 30 wheels allow every rider to have the opportunity to ride a plush American Classic wheelset. - Tubeless wheelset at a great price - Ideal balance between strength, weight, and performance - Aerodynamic features include the 30mm-deep rims, bladed spokes, and low spoke count - Machined braking surface with no hidden nipples or unusual spokes - Axle Type: QR - Wheel-Brake: Rim - Wheel Diameter: 700C - Wheel Weight: 1547 grams - Hub Model: Victory - Cassette Body: Shimano - Rear Hub Speed: 10/11 - Rim Material: Aluminium - Spoke Type: Bladed Stainless - Valve: Presta - Rim Joint: Double wall - Depth: 30mm - Rim Drilling: 18/24
American Classic Hurricane Disc Tubeless Wheelset
American Classic's Disc Hurricane wheels offer a tubeless-ready rim in a lightweight yet durable 32 hole, 3-cross lacing. This versatile road wheelset is equally at home on gravel, pavement, and dirt. - Tubeless compatible rim with raised hook on bead shelf for easy setup - Wide, deep rim profile with 32 spokes for durability and stiffness - Front Axle: QR x 100mm - Hub Drilling: 32 spokes - Hub/Brake Compatibility: 6-Bolt Disc - Rear Axle: QR x 135mm - Rim Depth (mm): 24 mm - Rim Width (External): 22.3 mm - Rim Width (Internal): 18.1 mm
American Classic Sprint 350 Tubeless Wheelset
When the ride gets fast or the road turns skyward, head to the front with American Classic's Sprint 350 wheels beneath you. These babies are among the lightest clincher wheels out there, and the semi-aero, 24mm-deep profiles come in handy when you're off the front on a solo breakaway. Don't let the light weight fool you though—these are stiff, strong and durable enough for racing and everyday training, with plenty of pop in the sprints and solid handling in the corners. A 19.7mm internal rim width promotes a high-volume, aerodynamic tire shape. - Tubeless-compatible rim with raised hook on bead shelf for easy setup - Steel insert in aluminum freehub body prevents notching - Radial lacing in the front, 3-cross lacing in the rear - 1,410 grams per pair
American Classic Argent Disc Tubeless Wheelset
- Deep tubeless road wheels for racing and training - Wide aerodynamic rim is 22mm wide x 30mm deep - Bead barb technology hooks on the tire bead to secure the tires in place without burping - Series 3 lacing for torsional stability and stiffness - 1,569 grams per set - Axle Type: QR - Rim Internal Width 19.4 - Brake: Disc ISO 6B - Depth: 30
American Classic Carbon TT 3 Tubular
As you roll off the start ramp of a time trail, you're entering a race of truth between yourself and the clock. Let American Classic's Carbon TT 3 Tubular be your ally in the war against the never-ending ticking of time. Feel the stiffness and power transfer when you throw down the power and roll on a set of silky smooth tubular tires as you navigate the course en route to a new personal best. - 21.5 mm rim width - High TG Resin. Carbon-specific brake pads recommended
American Classic Carbon 40 Clincher Wheelset
$1,399.00 - $1,799.00
The Carbon 40 Clincher is an amazing wheelset. Reasonably light, very strong, and reliable, and the performance is fantastic. They spin up fast, have great aero capability without being batted around in cross winds, and if you break a spoke there is no magic—they are standard technology that almost any normal bike shop can fix. - Full carbon 40mm Series 3 Clincher - AC Bladed spokes. 18h radial front/24h 3-Cross/Radial rear - 1,580 grams per pair - Wheel Tire Type Clincher - Rim Internal Width 14 - Wheel-Brake Comp. Rim - Rim Material: Carbon
American Classic Carbon TT Disk Tubular
During a time trial, it's just you versus the clock. Roll on American's Carbon TT Disk during your race of truth and feel the confidence. Notice the stiffness and power transfer when you throw down the power as you roll off the start ramp. - High TG resin brake surfaces offer consistent stopping power - Perfected in the wind tunnel for maximum efficiency - Holds your high end cruising speed to maintain a steady power output for long periods - Pair with the Carbon 85 front wheel to make the ultimate time trial machine - Wheel Tire Type: Tubular - 1,436 grams
American Classic Carbon 46 Tubular Wheelset
Race day, fast training rides, or if your bike just deserves the best—American Classic's Carbon 46 Tubulars are perfect. They're lightweight, plus they give you an aero advantage. The name says it all—46mm deep carbon rims give you the quickness you need with the stiffness and acceleration that you demand. They hold speed during long, solo breakaways, and really excel at crits, cross races, and techy courses where re-accelerations happen every few seconds. The 3-cross lacing looks cool, sure, but it results in consistent spoke tension across the entire wheel for better durability. And a resin braking surface gives you improved braking, even in the wet. Turn a good day racing or riding into your personal best with the 46s.
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