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UnicycleThey may not be for everyone.  In fact, they're not for most people, but if you are one of the select few that has what it takes to ride a unicycle, then you understand the unique thrill that comes to riding one of these bikes.  Unicycles require a great amount of balance, and quite honestly, a great amount of patience when learning to ride one; however once you get the sport down, you'll have a talent that will dazzle & impress your friends, and something just plain old fun to ride!  

Check out our Unicycle Catalog below, or feel free to stop in our Chicagoland Palos Heights, IL location today and take one for a ride yourself!  

Sun Bicycles Classic Unicycle
$119.99 - $129.99
For "fun on one," look to Sun's Classic Unicycle. The steel frame sports a classic unicrown design and is built for excellent strength and reliability. Plus, the wheel spins on sealed bearings for durability, while the quick-release seatpost makes seat adjustments a snap. And speaking of seats, the Classic's offers top-notch comfort, balance, and bumpers to protect it, too.
Sun Bicycles Flat Top Extreme Unicycle
For total "fun on one," Sun's Flat Top Extreme Unicycle is the way to go. This fun ride sports a chromoly frame, a bomb-proof ISIS spindle hub, and aluminum crank arms for maximum stiffness and impact-resistance. The seat has a built-in grab bar for extra control in tight spots. This lightweight, extra-responsive unicycle will entertain you for years to come and help develop your one-wheeled skills!
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