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iZip eBikes

iZip Electric Bike LogoThere's electric bikes and iZip Electric Bikes.  iZip Electric Bikes are unique for a number of reason.  First and foremost, they offer 2 modes of transportation.  First is full electric, where the motor can propel you up to 20 mph.  Just turn the electric throttle on your handlebar and the electric motor takes complete control.  The 2nd, and possibly most important mode is the "intelligent pedal assist".  This mode is great for riders who want that little bit of added power or speed to their ride.  Whether you want added power for climbing a hill, reaching a higher top speed or just to assist with your everyday riding, the intelligent adaptive pedal assist makes riding your bike a breeze.  With a minimum 35 mile range, you'll never appreciate biking more than with a iZip! 

Questions?  Want to try one for yourself?  Give us a call or stop by our Chicago based retail store today and take one for a ride.  Feel free to check out our iZip FAQ page for answers to general questions.

Ride easy and upright in complete comfort on the Zest, 21-speed ultra-plush comfort bike. When it comes to riding bikes, the IZIP Zest is as comfy as it gets and offers the traditional look of a double-diamond bike frame. Whether cruising the boardwalk, the campground or the bike path, this comfort bike is the definition of easy riding. The Zest puts the rider in an upright yet laid-back position for maximum comfort on the bike. Large 27.5 x 1.95 tires allow you to roll over the bumps with ease while keeping your speed up. Pedals with no-slip grip add to the all-day comfort, while classy graphics and reflective details add a refined look. Venture into a new level of comfort on the bike with the Zest Step Over.
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