Ventana 2014 El Comandante Ultimate 29er Mountain Bike

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The 2014 Ventana El Comandante Ultimate, with its PressFit 30 bottom bracket, sizable chainstay yoke, tapered head tube, and optional 142x12mm thru-axle sliding dropouts, is the hardtail 29er that gets the job done. It's nimble, quick, can be used for single speed or with gears, and will help you to own the trails. El Comandante Ultimate is exactly what its name says; ultimate. If you want to know what it's like to get the best out of a ride, even if you're just a weekend rider, pick up Ventana's El Comandante Ultimate today.

Features & Info

Custom Bike Builder - FAQ

What do your build kits consist of?  Below is a chart of what each build kit consists of.  Each build kit includes all of the parts for the series from which you have chosen.  Example: If you choose a Shimano XT build kit, the entire drivetrain, including brakes, will be that of the XT series.  Please refer to the following chart.

Shimano Series 10 Speed Build Kits:  
- Crankset & Bottom Bracket
- Cassette
- Chain
- Front & Rear Derailleur
- Shifters
- Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  SRAM Series 10 Speed Build Kits:  
- Crankset & Bottom Bracket
- Cassette
- Chain
- Front & Rear Derailleur
- Shifters
- Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  SRAM Series 11 Speed Build Kits:  
- Crankset & Bottom Bracket
- Cassette
- Chain
- Rear Derailleur
- Shifter (Rear Only)
- Hydraulic Disc Brakes

What if I want specific component(s) that aren't listed as a choice?  Generally speaking, we have access to all components, even if not listed as a choice.  In order to make the build process less confusing for our customers, we've opted to list the most commonly requested components from our past customers.  If however there are any components which aren't listed that you'd like your bike built with, simply call us at 708-448-8260 or drop us an e-mail at, and someone will be able to help you with your request.

Can I mix & match items in my groupo?  In order to keep pricing as low as possible for our customers, all of our groupo's are purchased in bulk as "kits" (ex. XT 2x10, XTR 2x10, X.9 2x.10, ect...) from the manufacturer's.  If you wish to mix components from different series groupo's, we can do so; however you'll lose that bulk discount pricing, therefore if you're looking to simply replace a couple of components with lower grade items in order to save money, it'll generally cost you more to do so.  In the end however, if you ultimatly want a mixed groupo, we can absolutly accomidate your request, but ask that you please e-mail with a full list of components that you'd like to use.

Explain your wheelset choices? Richards Bicycles offers 2 wheelset choices.  The first being stock wheelsets, such as Mavic CrossMax SLR, Stan's Crest/Arch EX / Flow EX w/ Stan's 3.30 hubs, ect.....  If you're not interested in one of our stock wheelset options, you can "I don’t need a wheelset OR building custom below" and simply choose one of our custom wheelsets from below.  

If you want a stock wheelset that isn't listed, we ask that you please contact us.  If you want to customize your wheelset beyond the custom options that are listed, we ask that you either contact us or choose "No, I don’t need a custom wheelset" and then proceed to our custom wheelset builder page, where you'll be able to customize your wheelset choice with much more details. 

What is the build time?  Provided that the frame is available in the size that color that you're looking for, we can generally build your custom bike within 1-2 weeks.  If you'd like to check on frame availability, please contact us.

What is S&H?  S&H for frames is $50 and $100 for customers located in the lower 48 states.  Customers located in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or internationally should contact us to request a shipping quote.

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El Comandante Features

  • Tapered head tube (1-1/8” to 1.5”) uses external mixed headset (34mm upper x 44mm lower)
  • 27.2mm seat post diameter
  • PressFit 30 BB shell accommodates both BB30 & standard (external bearing) threaded BBs
  • Compatible with Gates belt drive system
  • Cable stops for front and rear derailleur and cable guides for rear brake
  • Unique three bolt sliding adjustable dropouts with replaceable derailleur hanger
  • New chainstay yoke provides ample clearance for large volume tires in shortest chainstay position
  • 100mm fork compatibility
  • Fits 31.8mm high-clamp, top pull, top swing front derailleur for size 16”, 18” and 20”
  • Fits 34.9mm high-clamp, top pull, top swing front derailleur for sizes 22” and 24”
  • Stock colors: Super Dust & Jailhouse Blue

El Comandante Geometry

El Comandante Ultimate's Geometry Illustration

100mm - English

Frame SizeSeat TubeTop TubeHead TubeWheel BaseStandoverHead AngleSeat AngleReachStack
16" 16.40" 22.66" 3.50" 42.70" 1 29.38" 3 69.4º 71.9º 14.94" 23.60"
18" 18.00" 23.50" 3.75" 43.55" 1 30.28" 3 69.4º 71.9º 15.71" 23.78"
20" 20.00" 24.25" 4.00" 44.31" 1 31.52" 3 69.4º 71.9º 16.40" 24.09"
22" 22.00" 25.00" 4.50" 45.08" 1 32.88" 3 69.4º 71.9º 16.99" 24.56"
24" 24.00" 25.90" 5.25" 45.76" 1 34.29" 3 70.0º 71.9º 17.67" 25.34"
All sizes: BB height 1: 12.50", Chainstay 1, 2: 17.90", Fork Offset: 44mm, Fork Length: 501mm

100mm - Metric

Frame SizeSeat TubeTop TubeHead TubeWheel BaseStandoverHead AngleSeat AngleReachStack
16" 417mm 576mm 89mm 1085mm 1 746mm 3 69.4º 71.9º 379mm 599mm
18" 457mm 597mm 95mm 1106mm 1 769mm 3 69.4º 71.9º 399mm 604mm
20" 508mm 616mm 102mm 1125mm 1 801mm 3 69.4º 71.9º 417mm 612mm
22" 559mm 635mm 114mm 1145mm 1 835mm 3 69.4º 71.9º 432mm 624mm
24" 610mm 658mm 133mm 1162mm 1 871mm 3 70.0º 71.9º 449mm 644mm
All sizes: BB height 1: 318mm, Chainstay 1, 2: 455mm, Fork Offset: 44mm, Fork Length: 501mm

El Comandante Color Options

Super Dust

Jail House Blue