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Intense Bikes

Established in 1990 by company founder/president/designer Jeff Steber, Intense Cycles sets themselves apart from the rest of the biking industry by personally designing and building each bicycle that they produce in house in their Temecula, CA factory.  Each Intense frame is hand built and receives only the best in care, quality & craftsmanship during the design and production process.  Other companies will pay other factories to make their 'American made' frames, but this chain allows for too many variables, too many weak links. At Intense Cycles, they insure that their frames are built by an Intense family member each step of the way, leading to only the highest levels of quality control.  During the design of each Intense frame, Jeff Steber works closely with industry leaders and professional racers to utilize only the latest in biking technology, in order to produce some of the highest quality bicycle frames on the market today!  When you buy an Intense, we're confident that you'll love your bike as much as we do!

Intense Bikes Catalog