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Polar Heart Rate Monitors!

Get a Polar heart-rate monitor and get more out of your cycling, training and workouts!Am I training too hard, too easy or just right? Should I rest today or stick with my program, even though I feel tired? Is my fitness staying the same, going backward or improving?

Great questions! Knowing the exact intensity of your workouts is an invaluable training tool that can answer them all. And, it's why, for over 30 years, Polar has been making fine heart-rate monitors and computers to give athletes an objective perspective into their training to help them achieve their goals, get the most out of every workout and have more fun, too (seeing your numbers is motivating)!Knowing your heart rate is the key to success!

It all started in 1975, when a Finnish Nordic skier had an idea to make a portable heart-rate monitor. Polar was founded a year later with a fingertip heart-rate reader as its first product. It wasn't until 1982 that the first wireless, wearable heart-rate monitor, the Polar Sport Tester, was introduced, and training has never been the same since.

Continuing its tradition of innovation, Polar computers have been used in many research studies to help scientists gain a better understanding of the body. This has been a mutually beneficial partnership throughout the company's history as many of the cutting-edge features found in Polar products like OwnCal, OwnZone, and the OvertrainingWe're your Polar headquarters! Test have been developed with feedback from medical health researchers.

What's more, countless professional cyclists, runners, Nordic skiers and other endurance athletes rely on data collection and measurement to optimize their conditioning. Polar products are used by numerous world and Olympic champions across many sports, too.

And, even if you're just having fun out there, you'll benefit from your Polar. Their easy-to-use functions give you a snapshot of your fitness, energy output and calorie consumption and much more. This valuable feedback is great for getting more active, staying fit and healthy or just learning more about how your body works.

Whatever your sport, however serious you are about it, come by and check out a Polar heart-rate monitor and start maximizing your cycling and workouts!