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About Dean Titanium Bikes

DEAN Bikes use only the finest titanium available:

- U.S. made 3/2.5 seamless, cold worked, stress relieved - grade 9 titanium.

- This radially butted 3/2.5 CWSR titanium tubing is CNC machine to precision tolerances.

- The 6/4 seamless titanium is precision machine butted by Reynolds.

DEAN Titanium consists of 3% aluminum, 2.5% vanadium and 94.5% pure titanium. Exclusive to our titanium is the "R" grade processing. This allows for radially aligned crystals. This dramatically increases strength and durability.

Titanium possess a minimum yield strength of 105 ksi and a minimum UTS (ulitmate tensile strength) of 125 ksi. It has a annealed elongation of 15-20% and a cold-worked ductility of 10%. Titanium has a fatigue strength-to-weight ratio roughly twice that of 4130 cromoly steel. As well as it has superior resiliency and corrosion resistance.


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