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Choosing The Stan's Product For You

Stan's NoTubes is the leading manufacturer of mountain & road bike rims, wheels and tubeless accessories.  Convert your existing wheelset to tubeless using Stan's Tubeless conversion systems, or simply buy one of their tubeless wheels or wheelsets. 

If you're a mountain bike racer who's looking for a lightweight wheelset to help shave some time off of your rides, check out our Stan's Crest wheels.  Their lightweight designs are optimized for cross country racers who are looking for a great all around wheelset designed to perform and save as much weight as possible.  If you really want to take things to the next level, you may want to consider the Stan's Podium MMX wheelset.  With the Podium's ultra-light Ti designs, you're sure to have an advantage over the competition!  If you're looking for 29er competition, then look no further than the Stan's Race Gold 29er!  This wheel is made for 29er race riders who need only the lightest wheelset around in order to win races. 

Riders who are looking for an aggressive all mountain wheelset that can take some abuse, but want a wheelset that's fairly lightweight as well would be interested in the Stan's Arch EX wheels & wheelsets.  Designed around the Crest design, these wheels are beefed up and give the casual everyday rider more confidence when riding more aggressive terrain.  The Arch EX wheels are still incredibly lightweight and offer amazing performance. 

If you're the type of rider who's looking for a wheelset or wheelset that can take the ultimate abuse, drops or freeride style riding, then look no further than the Stan's Flow EX wheels!  With their super beefy Flow rims, these bad boys can't take just about anything a rider can throw at them.  Designed for DH / FR riders, these rims are about as good as they get, and still surprisingly lightweight considering their wide 29.1mm profile.  Best of all, just like any Stan's rims, you can ride these wheels as tubed or tubeless. 

If you're a road rider and want a lightweight performance wheelset, then the Stan's Alpha 340 & 400 wheels may be just the solution you're looking for.  Again, featuring a lightweight design, the Alpha series wheels will impress any road rider.  In terms of bang for the buck, you're going to be impressed. 

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