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iZIP eBikes - FAQ

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1. What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bike (or "eBike") is a bicycle with the added feature of an electric motor and electronic controls to assist you while riding. They can either propel you entirely or you can share the load and pedal along, depending on the type.

2. How are iZip eBikes different from other eBikes on the market?

We’ve been in the industry the longest and have the best support. Created with cutting-edge technology, superior design, and high quality components and materials, our electric bikes are built to last. Our products feature superior acceleration, torque and handling, and are held to the highest quality control standards in the industry today. You can ride confidently knowing our hybrid bikes will enable you to enjoy years of reliable service with the proper care and maintenance.

3. How far can I go on a single charge?

Depending on rider weight, terrain, battery size, and level of assist, you can expect the range of a fully charged battery to be between 15-50 miles. Typical range is 25 miles with the rider also pedaling.

4. Do I have to pedal?

It's up to you! Pedal like you would a normal bicycle with no assist, or switch to PAS mode for assist while pedaling, or simply use the throttle and not pedal at all.

5. What is the difference between Power on Demand (POD also known as TAG, twist and go) and Pedal Assist (PAS)?

Our Power on Demand (POD) features allows you to use the bike like a motorcycle - simply twist the throttle to go. With Pedal Assist (PAS), the motor will provide you with assistance as it detects you pedaling.

6. How fast can an eBike go?

Federal law limits eBikes to less than 20mph (32km/h) under motor power only (throttle) with a 170 lb rider. You can certainly go faster but it will take some pedaling!

7. How fast will the battery charge?

Depending on the level of charge remaining in the battery, the amperage of the charger and capacity of the battery, it will take up to 8 hours to fully charge our batteries. Typically the charge time is 4-6 hours.

8. What are the different types of batteries?

All our premium bikes are equipped with lithium batteries, which are light weight and long lasting. The Lithium batteries are either the LMO type (which is what is on most bikes) or LPF (on some higher end models). Some of our eBike conversion kits use sealed lead acid batteries (SLA). The difference between the batteries are as follows:
• LMO - Lithium Manganese Oxide (used on most of our bikes, also called Lithium Ion): Light weight, lasts about 700 full recharge cycles. No memory effect.
• LFP - Lithium Iron Phosphate: Light weight and lasts about 1500-2000 recharge cycles. No memory effect.
• SLA - Sealed Lead Acid: Heavy yet inexpensive, lasts about 200 recharge cycles. No memory effect.

9. How long will the battery last?

Our lithium batteries are rated for approximately 700 discharge cycles which equates to a useful lifespan of 2+ years with proper battery maintenance.

10. Does the bike recharge the battery while riding?

No, we don’t have such a feature generally speaking. It would slow you down when you’re pedaling from the drag, is inefficient, and adds cost. What we do have on a few models is ‘regen’ during braking, which is when drag is appreciated. However you’d need to go down a really long hill to put significant energy back into the battery.

11. Can I ride an eBike in the rain?

eBikes can be ridden in all types of weather! We recommend not submerging your eBike in water or leaving it outside while it's raining. Please use caution when riding in wet weather as slippery roads and reduced braking power will reduce steering control and braking power and reduced visibility will make you more vulnerable to other traffic.

12. Do I need a special license or insurance?

No special license or insurance is needed to ride an eBike on public streets, they are considered bikes, however we do recommend wearing a helmet and using lights if riding at night, in rain or in other reduced visibility conditions..

13. Can I customize my electric bike?

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of parts and accessories in a variety of colors and styles. Please visit the Currie Store for see our wide selection of products and see your local dealer as well as many bike products fit eBikes equally well.

14. Do the bikes come with a warranty?

All of our bikes come with a 1 year warranty. Please see our Warranty page for more information.

15. Do the batteries come with a warranty?

All of our batteries come with a 1 - 3 year warranty (depending on battery). Please see our Warranty page for more information.

16. Where can I test ride a Currie bike?

To find a Currie Dealer near you, please use our Dealer Locater.

17. Where can I take my eBike for repair or maintenance?

When your bike needs repairs or maintenance, give us a call at 1-800-377-4532 or visit our Service and Repair page to find a qualified shop near you.

18. Who do I call for service or product information?

For service or product information, you can call us at 1-800-377-4532 or visit our Help and Support page for information on all of our products.

19. Do the eBike kits fit standard bicycles?

Currie eBike kits easily install onto most standard bicycles with rack mounts. The conditions are pretty simple and straightforward and listed on the kit, plus in our printed and web materials

20. How do I register my eBike?

To register your Currie eBike, please visit our Registration page.

21. How much money can I save if I commute on an eBike?

To completely charge the battery will cost you only a few pennies! To get a better idea of how much you'll be able to save by commuting on a Currie eBike, visit our E3 page for more information.

22. How loud is the motor?

You can hardly hear it while riding!

23. Do eBikes require more maintenance than a normal bicycle?

EBikes require no more maintenance than a normal bicycle, but do please keep the battery charged up. A battery allowed to go completely dead often can’t be revived, and if it can, the lifespan is reduced. We recommend charging after rides, before a bike is put away for the winter, etc, to avoid such unhappy circumstances.

24. Is the battery removable? If so, does the bike have a way to prevent theft?

Virtually all of our eBikes feature an easily removable battery which allows you to carry it upstairs or into the office to charge. Security is a great concern which is why each of our bikes incorporates a lock to secure the battery in the bike so you don't have to worry about someone taking your battery while it's parked outside.

25. How often should I recharge the battery?

We recommend charging it before the 1st ride, and after every ride, just to establish a good habit. All batteries “self-discharge” over time, and some do this more rapidly than others. Lithium and SLA are pretty good in this respect, but if you’re down to ‘empty’ and then leave the battery sit, it will continue to self-discharge into non-recoverable zones or into zones where the internal chemistry deteriorates faster, and where cycle life and ride time is reduced greatly, even if it can be recharged. Before any long storage, don’t leave the battery half charged, but fully charge it, and you can then let is sit 3+ months maybe longer without a worry.