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"How-To" Bicycle Maintenance Guides

We know that owning a bicycle requires basic maintenance and care.  If done properly, your bicycle should last for many years to come, and if not, will wear out prematurely and cost more to repair.  Many bicycle owners don't realize that much of the basic maintenance, minor repairs & adjustments can be done by yourself, which will save you precious riding time as your bike won't be sitting in the repair shop, but will also save you money in the long run.  Richards Bicycles has written a variety of "How To" articles to help our customers maintain, adjust and repair their bicycles by themselves.  We've also included other articles such as how to fit yourself for a new bike as well as other in depth articles.  Of course if you try any of the following tips and advise and still need help with your bicycle, you can always bring it into our Chicagoland Palos Heights, IL service shop for any of your bicycle service needs.  Check out our bicycle repair labor rates for details & pricing.

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Bicycle Maintenance And Care
Bicycle Maintenance Made Easy!
Rear Bicycle Derailleur
Adjust Your Rear Derailleur
Bicycle Brakes
Bike Brake Adjustment & Maintenance
Bicycle Disc Brakes
Disc Brakes 101
Bicycle Tire Patch & Repair Kit
Fix A Flat Tire
Bike Pedals
Remove & Install Pedals
Bicycle Reassembly
Reassemble A Boxed Bike
Bicycle Lubrication
Bicycle Lubrication
Bicycle Lubricants and Cleaners
Clean Your Chain And Drivetrain
Bike Wash Cleaner
Wash Your Bike
Bicycle Helmet
Bicycle Helmet Adjustment & Care
Group Bike Ride
Ride In A Group
Professional Bicycle Fitting Services
Fit Your Bicycle
iOS and Android Bicycle Fitting
Fit Your Bicycle - SmartPhone
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